Sayeed Abubakar
21 September 1972
Sayeed Abubakar, a prominent modern epic-poet writing in Bengali, was born on September 21, 1972 in Jashore, Bangladesh. With a background in English literature, holding both an Honours and Masters degree from Rajshahi University, Abubakar has made a name for himself as a major poet of the 90s decade. Raised by parents Nur Mohammad Biswas and Amena Khatun, Abubakar is now a proud husband to Alimun Nahar Fatema and a father to three children, Humaira Tasnim, Maimuna Tasnim Nusaiba, and Shish Mohammad. In addition to his poetry, Abubakar is currently serving as an Associate Professor of English at the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education in Dhaka, Bangladesh.