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A combustible woman from Thang
Exploded one day with a BANG!
The maid then rushed in
And said with a grin,
‘Pardon me, madam – you rang?’

Short Poem Analysis

"A Combustible Woman from Thang" by Spike Milligan is a playful and whimsical poem that exemplifies Milligan's unique style of humor and wordplay. The poem is not meant to be taken seriously but rather as a comedic and absurd exploration of imagination and language.

The title of the poem immediately sets a lighthearted and surreal tone. Phrases like "combustible woman" and "from Thang" are nonsensical and conjure humorous mental images.

The poem is full of inventive and imaginative wordplay, as Milligan takes liberties with language and creates amusing combinations of words. This wordplay contributes to the poem's playful and absurd atmosphere.

The poem's tone is whimsical, and it uses humor and absurdity to entertain and amuse readers. It doesn't convey a deep or serious message but instead encourages readers to embrace their sense of humor and appreciate the joy of linguistic playfulness.

Spike Milligan was known for his comedic and absurd poetry, and "A Combustible Woman from Thang" is a prime example of his whimsical and imaginative approach to verse. It invites readers to enjoy the silliness of language and to appreciate the humor that can be found in unexpected and playful word combinations.

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