Simon Armitage
26 May 1963
Simon Armitage is an English poet, playwright, and novelist. Born in Marsden, West Yorkshire, he has become one of the most prominent poets of his generation, known for his witty, accessible verse and his engaging, often humorous, take on modern life. Armitage studied geography at Portsmouth Polytechnic and went on to earn a PhD in medieval studies from the University of York. He has published numerous collections of poetry, including "Kid" and "The Universal Home Doctor," which have won critical acclaim and been widely popular with readers. In addition to his poetry, Armitage has also written several plays, including "The Radiakl Sheepskin" and "Little Egypt," and has been the recipient of several literary awards, including the Forward Prize and the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry. He continues to be an influential and much-loved figure in the world of poetry, known for his keen insights into contemporary life and his powerful, thought-provoking verse.
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