Phillis Wheatley
1753 - 5 December 1784
Phillis Wheatley was a renowned African-American poet, born in West Africa around 1753 and brought to America as a slave. She was sold to the Wheatley family in Boston, who educated her and encouraged her love for poetry. Her first poem was published at the age of 13 and her first book, "Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral," was published in 1773. It was the first book of poetry published by an African American and was highly acclaimed by many prominent figures of the time. Wheatley's work reflects her faith and her experiences as an enslaved person, and she used her writing to address issues of social justice and human rights. She died in Boston in 1784, leaving a legacy as one of America's first published female poets and an important voice in the struggle for freedom and equality.
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