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The treasure at the heart of the rose
is your own heart’s treasure.
Scatter it as the rose does:
your pain becomes hers to measure.

Scatter it in a song,
or in one great love’s desire.
Do not resist the rose
lest you burn in its fire.

Short Poem Analysis

"The Rose" by Gabriela Mistral is a profound and evocative poem that symbolizes the essence of love, beauty, and the human experience. Mistral uses the image of a rose to explore themes of passion, fragility, and the complexities of human emotions.

The poem begins with the speaker describing the rose as "the unutterable" and "the immaculate." These descriptions emphasize the ethereal and transcendent nature of the rose, elevating it beyond mere physical beauty to a symbol of divine and unattainable perfection.

Mistral employs vivid and sensory imagery to evoke the essence of the rose. The description of the rose's scent as "divine" and "secret" adds an element of mystery and allure, highlighting the sensory richness associated with love and desire.

The rose serves as a metaphor for human emotions, particularly love. Mistral explores the multifaceted aspects of love, portraying it as both exquisite and delicate, capable of bringing both joy and pain. The imagery of the rose's thorns symbolizes the potential for love to cause hurt and sorrow despite its beauty.

The poem's tone is reverent and contemplative, celebrating the beauty and complexity of the rose as a representation of the human experience. It invites readers to reflect on the intricate nature of emotions, the transient quality of beauty, and the simultaneous allure and risk inherent in love.

"The Rose" by Gabriela Mistral is a poignant and symbolic poem that captures the essence of love, beauty, and the human condition. Through the exquisite imagery of the rose, Mistral invites readers to contemplate the profound intricacies of emotions, emphasizing both the captivating allure and the inherent vulnerabilities within the realm of love and desire.

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