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What is the name you called me?–
And why did you go so soon?

The crows lift their caws on the wind,
And the wind changed and was lonely.

The warblers cry thier sleepy-songs
Across the valley gloaming,
Across the cattle-horns of early stars.

Feathers and people in the crotch of a treetop
Throw an evening waterfall of sleepy-songs.

What is the name you called me?–
And why did you go so soon?

Short Poem Analysis

"Evening Waterfall" by Carl Sandburg is a vivid and evocative poem that captures the serene and introspective mood of a waterfall at dusk. Through its descriptive language and sensory imagery, the poem immerses the reader in the sights and sounds of nature, while also inviting contemplation on the passage of time and the beauty of the natural world.

The poem paints a picture of a waterfall against the backdrop of the evening sky. The description of the waterfall as a "silver thing" reflects the soft and shimmering quality of the falling water, while the mention of "lily leaves" adds to the imagery of tranquility and natural beauty.

The poem's rhythm and pacing mirror the gradual descent of the waterfall, with the lines flowing like the water itself. This creates a sense of calm and introspection, inviting the reader to pause and appreciate the scene.

Sandburg's language is simple yet descriptive, capturing the essence of the scene through carefully chosen words. The repetition of "silence" in the final lines reinforces the hushed and peaceful atmosphere of the evening scene.

"Evening Waterfall" invites readers to connect with the beauty of nature and the sense of serenity that can be found in observing natural phenomena. The poem also encourages reflection on the fleeting nature of moments, as the waterfall's descent is a transient event that can only be fully appreciated in the present.

Overall, the poem captures a moment of quiet contemplation and offers a glimpse into the harmony of the natural world. Through its imagery and sensory language, "Evening Waterfall" invites readers to appreciate the beauty of nature and the sense of tranquility it can bring to our lives.

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